Charley Macorn

Not Really That Funny

Jokes for Ghosts: an experiment in stand-up comedy

In July of 1968, Johnny Cash performed at Folsom Prison in Folsom, California. In that same spirit, in October of 2019 I am going to visit the abandoned Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge. I will enter the prison with a small skeleton crew to record the event. I will make my way through the prison, inviting whatever spirits that are there to a predetermined location, and–at the stroke of midnight­­–perform a private comedy show for whatever ghosts decide to attend. I will also be livestreaming the set on Facebook Live, pending any unforeseen circumstances. 


What I am NOT doing:

1: Trying to prove the existence of the supernatural. There are literally dozens of ghost hunting teams visiting the Old Prison each year, let’s leave that to them. 

2: Being ‘too cool for ghouls.’ Yes, even though I am putting on a comedy show in a ‘haunted’ prison, it is still a place where actual people suffered. And knowing the history of our country and our state, some that died there didn’t deserve to be there. So regardless on feelings about the existence of ghosts, I need to be respectful of the real history of the place. 

3: Lie.  This isn’t a goof. I am not going to pretend to see things that aren’t there, fake any supernatural encounters, or play any pranks. 


What I AM doing:

1: Being respectful. See above 

2: Spending an evening locked in an abandoned prison for the sake of stand-up comedy.

3: Working under the assumption that ghosts exist. Regardless of my personal feelings on the issue, it would be crazy to go into an abandoned prison to do a show if I didn’t expect some sort of audience. 



Yes, Really.

Are you scared about having a run in with a ghost during the show?

What’s the worst they can do, boo me?

Are you really going in alone?

I will be accompanied by a film crew. I am planning on releasing the result as a short documentary.

Yes, really.

Yes, really.