Charley Macorn

Not Really That Funny

Even at a young age, people could tell Montana-based comedian Charley Macorn was funny. "He said he wants to be a girl," their father would say through gritted teeth. "Isn't that hilarious?"

Since stepping onstage with Missoula’s HomeGrown Comedy, Charley has criss-crossed the country, performing their distinct and fiery stand-up to sellout crowds.

An alumna of the inaugural Portland Queer Comedy Festival, the Presidential Comedy Festival, the Art of Female Comedy Festival, and the 10th Annual Women in Comedy Festival, Charley's writing credits include the all-ages queer-friendly comic book Jill Trent, Science Sleuth and an audio adventure for Big Finish's "Doctor Who" line.

When not on the road, Charley lives in Missoula, Montana where they work as a senior trainer at the University of Montana’s Equine Pugilism Center.